Ashoka Diamond Precious jewelry

Historic, powerful, enchanting and exquisite are just some of the many adjectives one could use to describe the essence of the Ashoka Diamond Jewelry collection. The astounding Ashoka diamond dates back to 269 BC, where the diamond was named after an Indian emperor of the Maurya Dynasty. The emperor believed the diamond removed the darkness from his soul and changed his ruling style to include compassion and love. Since that time the Ashoka diamond has been believed to have the power to change one’s soul and bring light into ones heart.

The Ashoka diamond has been shared with the world because of the passion William Goldberg had for diamonds. He took the raw Ashoka diamond and saw the beauty within the stone. Goldberg took a chance with the first cut to create the most perfect breath taking piece of exceptional jewelry. Goldberg obtained a patent on the specific Ashoka cut diamond. He found that a certain 62 cut facets on the Ashoka diamond will bring out the radiance from within the diamond. The specialized patented cut allows the diamond to reflect light brighter than a mirror and gives the diamond the illusion that it is larger in size than it really is. The Ashoka cut requires large diamonds, so the demand is always much higher than the supply for Ashoka Diamond Jewelry pieces created by William Goldberg. The extraordinary beauty and historic value of the Ashoka diamonds create a high demand for pieces, however production of the pieces are very limited.

Ashoka diamonds are worn by those that are fascinated by the beauty of the Ashoka diamond cut. The individuals who seek the Ashoka diamond jewelry pieces must search and pay the price for the royal quality of the diamonds beauty. You will only find the highest quality in the Ashoka diamond. The quality can range from D to K and to a flawless S12. The Ashoka diamonds are only sold by authorized dealers that have approval of The William Goldberg Cooperation. The collection of jewelry offering Akosha diamonds includes rings, necklaces, watches, earrings, bracelets, and cufflinks.

Those that can afford the luxury of wearing an Ashoka diamond are in an elite class by themselves. The special cut of the diamond, coupled with the rounded sides make the stone shine rays of warmth and happiness into the world​. Anyone with a passion for jewelry needs to invest in Ashoka Diamond Jewelry.

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