How To Pick Your Fashion Jewelry Armoire

How To Choose Your Fashion Jewelry Armoire

Do you often lose the strands of pearls you wore at last night’s dinner at the opera with friends? Can you never ever discover your preferred piece of jewelry when you require it most for that very crucial date? Well, stress no more. Get a precious jewelry armoire to store your jewels in the most classy and efficient method.
A precious jewelry armoire may not be as huge as the special space beneath Buckingham Palace where Queen Elizabeth keeps her jewelry collection, however it definitely can store more of your beads, stones aand bangles than the musical precious jewelry box that you’ve kept since high school for sentimental factors.
The French word armoire originally indicated an arms cabinet or gun storage, however not any longer. In these modern times, an armoire is defined as a tall cabinet, usually with drawers, shelves and doors. Armoires nowadays can be wardrobe armoires, fashion jewelry armoires, home entertainment armoires and just recently even computer armoires.
Even family-friendly Wal-mart stocks synthetic burl wood precious jewelry armoires for less than 0 bought online, so there’s actually no reason for not going out there and picking your jewelry armoire
How to select your precious jewelry armoire.
1. The first thing you need to know is your woods or non-woods and including your pretend woods. And then decide which match you most.
Do you like your fashion jewelry armoire to get more character and charm even with wear? Then a genuine strong wood jewelry armoire is for you. The majority of real wood jewelry armoires are made from oak, maple or pine, so you can select from the timeless yellow brown oaks, royal cherry red maples or mission brown practical pines.
Do you not mind the look of a crafted MDF teamed with laminates or wood veneers for your very first precious jewelry armoire? Then you can get on to the web and look for hand-carved, hand-painted fashion jewelry armoire beauties which appear like wood and expense less.
2. The next thing to choose is where you are going to put your precious jewelry armoire. Will it stand next to the Victorian mahogany chest of drawers in your bedroom? Just how much area do you have for it? Do you desire it to match with the other furniture in the space? Or do you desire it to be a focal point?
Depending on your answers, you may desire to consider the homely French country style with its handcrafted doors, the elegant Queen Anne dark cherry heirloom style or the chunkier mission brown precious jewelry chest box style.
3. How will you use your jewelry armoire?
Will it be mainly a storage space for your jewelry? Then you might desire a tall chest of six to 8 drawers with sides that swing open to hang your pearls and lockets.
Or will it be a place where you can take a seat, try out that flaming red ruby necklace after you’ve placed on your makeup? Then you might think about having a much shorter vanity armoire with mirror, vanity and a soft-cushioned bench.
4. Are there any fengshui (or child proofing) considerations for your precious jewelry armoire?
Does it have to have round edges so as not to shoot sharp darts of energy while you are trying to unwind before an important party? Are you scared your toddler might bang her head on the sharp rectangular edges your precious jewelry armoire as she frantically waddles to you while you’re putting on a set of ruby earrings? Then the half-round precious jewelry armoire with rounded legs might be the one for you.
5. Are there any other security considerations for your jewelry armoire?
Do you have home contents insurance coverage however would still feel safer if your gems are locked? Then you might wish to get a fashion jewelry armoire that can be locked.
6. And last but not least – just how much are you ready to pay for it?
Does your budget fall around the 0 mark? Then you can purchase popular, best selling brands in genuine oak with mirror, 8 drawers and side swing doors to hang all your pearls and golden pendants.
Do you have around 0 to spare? Then you can get yourself a stylish dark cherry red maple Queen Anne precious jewelry armoire accentuated with detail rice carved posts on its doorface.
How about if you just have.95? Then the excitement of the hunt for great and pre-owned fashion jewelry armoires is for you. Last time I checked there was a cherry Queen Anne fashion jewelry armoire chest box being auctioned on ebay for a mere.95. However you better hurry.

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